Biography - Samuel H. Brownback

SAMUEL H. BROWNBACK. All our relations in life are more or less of a social nature and these are circles within circles. The domestic life is the inner circle, or hub of the wheel from which radiate outward the many lines or spokes that bind it to the outer circle, or the social verge. These spokes are of various natures arising from relationship, affinity or consanguinity. Each circle within the life of our subject has been well rounded. His home life, while simple, is full of affection and tender consideration. His residence which is located on section 2, of Rural Township, is the dwelling place of peace and harmony. He has resided in Shelby County since 1868.

Mr. Brown back was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, January 21, 1843. He is a son of William and Sarah (Shutt) Brownback, natives of Pennsylvania, where they were married and began the journey of life together. About 1835 they removed to Ohio and settled in Pickaway County. There they passed the remaining years of their lives, the father passing away from this life at the age of fifty years, the mother surviving him for a number of years, being sixty-three years of age at the time of her decease. They were the parents of six children, four of whom lived to be grown. Their names are as follows: Joseph, Melinda, Eliza, Sarah, Emeline and Samuel. Joseph died while young; Melinda married Abner Settles and died in Pickaway County, leaving an interesting family of children; Eliza married John Breutigan. She died in Pickaway County; Sarah died while yet a young woman, being only twenty years of age. Emeline also died early in life; our subject is the youngest of his family and now the only one surviving. He was reared on a farm and attended, in boyhood, the common schools, which were very good, and he feels that he owes much to the masters under whom he studied when a lad. He remained in his native State until he arrived at manhood and in 1867, he was an attendant upon the last sad rites paid to the memory of the last member of his family. Feeling that all bonds that held him to his native State had been severed, in 1868 he sold out and emigrated to this State, settling in Shelby County, where he purchased a farm upon which he at present resides.

When Mr. Brownback purchased his farm it was but very little improved and he began at once the work of putting it in such order as should realize his ideal of a modern farm. He gave his attention chiefly to stock raising, in which he was very successful. On first coming to the county he purchased one hundred and sixty acres, but from time to time has added to this until his farm now aggregates two hundred and twenty acres. It is located on sections 2 and 11, and boasts many fine improvements. Well located in the bottom lands, it is plentifully watered and drained.

Our subject has been twice married. In 1870, he was united to Mary V. Smith, a daughter of Daniel and Sarah Smith, of whom a sketch may be found in another part of this volume. Mrs. Brownback died in 1872, leaving one son who now resides with his grandfather, Daniel Smith. In 1874, our subject married Elizabeth A. Cochoran, a daughter of Robert Cochoran. She was born in Tennessee in 1848. Our subject by his present wife is the father of one daughter, by name Mary E. She is a bright, intelligent young girl. The original of our sketch is a Democrat in his political preference and has served in several capacities in public office under his party showing the confidence and estimation of his ability that his fellow-townsmen have in him. He has served as School Trustee for nine years and two years as Supervisor of the township. Mr. and Mrs. Brownback are, in their religious views, members of the Christian Church. They are kindly, intelligent people, in whom their fellow-townsmen repose the greatest confidence and affection.

Extracted 17 Jun 2019 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 642-643.

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