2017 Feb 27

I am looking for information concerning a deceased uncle. His name is George CARPENTER. George is buried in the Prairie Home Cemetery, Moweaqua, Shelby County, Illinois. He died in 1916 when only 25 years old. His parents were Mary (GREEN) CARPENTER and my grandfather Lewis W. CARPENTER. Mary divorced my grandfather in 1891 and moved from Baldwin, Kansas to Shelby County, Illinois sometime thereafter. Her family was from there and she was living with an Aunt, Nora (KELLAR) PHILLIPS, in the 1900 census along with George. 

Mary (GREEN) CARPENTER was the niece of Cornelia SANNER I know who her parents are, but unfortunately after she left Kansas where they remained, there doesn't seem to be clues as to her final outcome. With her son dying in 1916, you would think she would be found nearby. Don't know where she went and I can't understand why she wouldn't have been with him and her aunt when they moved to Colorado (1910 census). And then George CARPENTER somehow gets back to Shelby County, Illinois, and dies there at age 25.

I would like more information about George CARPENTER and his mother. I really am curious about George's cause of death. He received an inheritance from his Grandmother, Rebecca CARPENTER in 1914. George was my father's half-brother.

 Thanks, Jon Carpenter [email protected]

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