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Contributed 27 Oct 2017 by Preston Brown [email protected]

John S. TURLEY Family

My fourth times great-grandfather was John Squires Turley. He was an Illinois state representative in 1836 and 1837 then again in 1844 and 1845. His wife's name has always been listed as just E. He and his wife both were born 1800, both of them in Tennessee. He had a daughter born in Alabama, Morgan County, in 1821; her name was Eliza. Then my third great-grandfather, James H. was born in Alabama in 1824. Then a daughter, Jane M., 1826, Alabama. Then a son, William McClellan, was born in 1831, in Alabama. They moved to Shelby County, Illinois, and had another daughter, Amanda R., born in 1833, Illinois; another son, John, born 1837, Illinois; then another daughter named only E. born in Illinois 1839. Then they moved to Texas around 1847, and that's the last we heard of them in the 1850 census, in Texas. My third time grandfather James H. moved to Paola, Kansas, around 1858.

Contributed 15 Sep 2019 by Margaret Johnston

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