Biography - Eugene F. Des Larzes

EUGENE F. DES LARZES. Our subject is a native of that country which boasts the most beautiful scenery on the globe, whose mountains tower skyward and are girdled by the overhanging, misty clouds, and a country the aspirations of whose people areas high as its mountains. One of the earliest European nations to cast aside every vestige of tryanny and to declare itself a Republic, the sons that Switzerland sends out from her borders are worthy representatives of the mother country. They stand high in science and high in the ethics of nations. Our subject, who resides on section 6. of Rural Township where he settled in 1865, comes from the land of European freedom to that of America. He was born in Switzerland August 15, 1822, and is a son of Benjamin and Mary Des Larzes.

He of whom we write was a half orphan in early childhood, his mother having been taken away and leaving to her bereaved husband five children whose names are as follows: Benjamin, our subject, Frank, Margaret and Morris. Benjamin now resides in Colorado. Frank makes his home in Faribault, Minn. Morris lives in Meeker County, Minn.

The father of our subject while still in his native land, married a second time and in 1849 came to the United States. Two children were the fruit of this marriage, Kate, who became the wife of Charles Geneva and resides in Oregon, and Lewis, who died in Assumption, this State; he was unmarried. Upon coming to the United States the family settled first in Dodge County, Wis., on a farm, but in 1863 they removed to Kankakee, Ill., whence in 1865 they came to Shelby County and settled in Rural Township, where the father purchased one hundred and twenty acres of land. Here his wife died, and in 1885 he went to Faribault, Minn., to reside with a daughter.

The gentleman of whom we write came with his family to this county and in 1858; while residing in Wisconsin, he was married at Kankakee, Ill., to Louisa Morend. She was born in Switzerland and came to the United Slates with her parents, Lewis and Mary Morend. Mr. Des Larzes continued his residence in Wisconsin until 1863, and then removed to Kankakee County, this State, and in 1865 he again removed to Shelby County and purchased his present home. He is the owner of one hundred and twenty acres of land in a high state of cultivation. Mr. and Mrs. Des Larzes are the parents of three children whose names are Lewis E., Adele and Hortense. They are bright and attractive children. Politically our subject is an advocate of and voter with the Republican party, its platform being consonant with his ideas of the equity and policy that should rule so great a nation. In his religious views he is a follower of the Roman Catholic Church.

Extracted 16 Feb 2019 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, page 610.

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