Biography - Jacob E. Eby

JACOB E. EBY. Illinois in its early settlement gathered within its bounds representatives from every State in the East and South, and to its rich and fertile prairies there have flocked, even unto the present time, representatives of the older civilization in various parts of the country. Many Pennsylvanians by birth are among its sound and sensible residents and have brought from the old Keystone State those principles and habits of thrift which mark that Commonwealth. Our subject who is a native of that State and who makes his home on section 31, Okaw Township, dates his residence in Shelby County from 1882.

Mr. Eby was born in Lebanon County, Pa., March 10, 1852, and was thus a man of mature years when he removed to the West. His honored parents were Jacob and Eliza (Shaak) Eby, and they gave to him so good a common-school education as to fit him to take a position at the teacher's desk, which he filled for eight terms. They also gave him the best of home training and a thorough drill in the work of the farm.

The marriage of Jacob Eby with Miss Kate Seltzer was solemnized at Washington, D. C., in April, 1877. This happy occasion was the beginning of a married life of true congeniality and harmony, and the foundation of one of those families which are the strength and glory of America, in that their quiet and useful home lives form the basis for the success of our Republican institutions. Mrs. Eby is the daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Martin) Seltzer, and like her husband, was born in Lebanon County. Pa., but at the date of her marriage was residing in Maryland.

As we have said, it was the year 1882 when our subject first came to Illinois, and being favorably impressed with the value of the land and the environments of this section, he purchased the farm upon which he now resides and made his home upon it in the spring of 1883. Since that time he has devoted himself indefatigably to the cultivation and improvement of the seventy-six and one-half acres which he owns.

Mr. and Mrs. Eby have had the pleasure of welcoming to their home three interesting and lovely children, but one of them they were called upon to lay in the grave in early infancy. The two who are living are named Sarah and John D., and the traits of character which they have already shown give a fair promise of their future usefulness which will, as it should, prove an honor to their parents.

The Democratic party for many years held the allegiance of Mr. Eby, but for some time past he has been independent in his political views and feels that by being free from the trammels of party he can more effectually serve his State and country. This independence does not at all interfere with his popularity among his neighbors and he is at present the efficient Supervisor of Okaw Township. He is an earnest believer in the Christian religion, having been reared in the faith of the Reformed Church. The interests of the agricultural community appeal very strongly to this gentleman and it is his aim to assist both himself and others in promoting the commercial and industrial prosperity of this class. With this end in view he has identified himself with the Farmers' Mutual Benefit Association, in which he believes there is help for the difficulties which have stood in the way of the progress of agriculturists.

Extracted 17 Jun 2019 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 634-635.

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