Biography - John S. Evey

JOHN S. EVEY. It is not necessary for the traveler to understand the details of farm life in order to determine the status of the owner of any particular tract of land. It is easy to form a conclusion from the general appearance of the property, the improvements that have been made upon it and the order or disorder that reigns supreme. No one looking at the farm of Mr. Evey on section 21, Tower Hill Township, would have the least doubt that its owner understands his business and is able to obtain good results from tilling the soil. The farm consists of one hundred and eighty fertile acres, in whose pastures good stock is found, in the sheds modern machinery, and in the storehouses farm produce of excellent quality. About the dwelling are the manifestations of the refining hand of woman.

Mr. Evey is a native of Maryland, born in Hagerstown, October 15, 1833. His father, whose given name was Henry, and his mother, whose maiden name was Rebecca Livers, were also born in Maryland. The parents removed to Shelby County, Ill., about 1836, and located near Shelbyville, where she died. After her decease the father came to Tower Hill Township and settled on section 21, where he died in 1865. He was a good citizen, an upright man and a devoted husband and father. His family comprised three children, our subject being the eldest.

When he was three years old our subject was brought by his parents to this county, where he grew to manhood on his father's farm. He was early initiated into the mysteries of farming and when he became a man he naturally chose agriculture as his life vocation. December 25, 1856 he was married in Tower Hill Township to Miss Caroline M. Jones, a native of Tennessee. This estimable lady was brought by her parents to Indiana, whence, after her father's death, she came to Shelby County with a family named Listen. The congenial union of Mr. and Mrs. Evey has been blessed by the birth of six living children, viz: William E., David H., Captolia, Hattie, Charles F. and John M. William E. is a farmer in Kansas; David H. is a successful dentist at Monmouth, Ill.; Captolia follows the profession of teaching.

A man of striking common sense, keen foresight and marked capability, Mr. Evey has been selected by his fellow-citizens as one well qualified to fill public offices of importance. He formerly took an active part in politics and in his political affiliations is independent, voting for the man whom he considers best fitted to serve the interests of the people. He has been Highway Commissioner several years, in which position he has accomplished much for the good of the community. Socially, he is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and the Farmer's Mutual Benefit Association.

Extracted 29 May 2017 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 270-271.

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