Biography - Andrew J. Foltz

ANDREW J. FOLTZ. Each life has its romance, its comedy and tragedy, hut most of us hide these more vivid colors of our lives under a veil of reserve, and peering through it the casual observer can find only hints and vague outlines of what is beneath. Could every man he his own historian and deal with himself honestly and frankly, biographies would he more interesting. That, however, is not always possible nor would it be in all cases advisable, therefore we must lay down the facts as we know them and read between the lines as our sympathies and knowledge of human nature shall dictate.

The subject of our sketch is a resident upon the farm that is located on section 12, in Rural Township. Since 1849, he has been a resident in Shelby County, and during that time has been engaged in the work of planting and reaping, a noble work, in that, without the products which the farmer gives us, we could not support life. Mr. Foltz was born in Union County, Pa., March 2, 1845. He is a son of Joseph and Mary Foltz also natives of Pennsylvania. The family emigrated to Shelby County this State, in 1849 and first settled in the southern part of this county, entering some Government land, but they soon removed to Rose Township, settling on Robinson Creek. In 1857 they again made a change, going to Knox County, Mo. and here they resided until 1862, when they returned to Shelby County and passed their remaining years in Rose Township. The father died December 1, 1879, being at the time about sixty-eight years of age. The mother is still living and resides with a daughter in Knox County, Mo.

Our subject is one of nine children born to his parents. Of these, eight lived to be grown. Their names are Arden W., Lilah, Joseph H., Sarah, John, our subject, Andrew J., Thomas J. and Jerome. The eldest son lives in the southwestern part of Missouri, as does also his sister Lilah, who is the wife of Lorenzo Jarvis. Joseph H. resides in Minneapolis, Minn. Sarah is the wife of Samuel Jarvis, and lives in Northwestern Kansas. John makes his home in Southwestern Kansas and Thomas J. is a farmer in Western Kansas. Jerome died in Knox County, Mo. Our subject was reared a farmer and in his perigrinations with his family through the different States, he learned much of the methods employed in different portions of the country in agriculture, and also of the nature and requirements of the soil.

When Andrew Foltz reached his teens, he was employed by the month in work as a farm hand. In 1867 he was united in marriage to a lady who bore the historic name of Reed, belonging to a family of old and high standing in Kentucky, and previously in Virginia. Emily Reed is the daughter of William Reed and was born in Kentucky, Oct. 3, 1846. Mr. and Mrs. Foltz are the parents of the following children, most of whom have reached years of maturity. The eldest is a daughter whose name is Minerva. She is the wife of Frank Beckett. The other children in name and in order of birth are as follows; Andrew Campbell, William B., Laura; Genetta died in infancy; Albert H. and Effie.

On his marriage our subject felt the importance of making a home of his own and he secured a farm in Tower Hill Township which he has cultivated assiduously. Some ten years ago, the gentleman purchased his present farm which comprises one hundred and sixty acres. It is fine land well located and watered, and hears good improvements. Politically our subject affiliates with the Democratic party although he is rather inclined to be independent in his vote, giving his influence not always to the man of party if he thinks some other man is better fitted to fill the office in question. For some time, he has filled the position of School Director. He is a member in good standing, of the Church of God, and the Golden Rule, to do unto others as you would that they should do unto you, is the precept that guides him in his relations, both business and social, with his fellowmen. The father of Mrs. Foltz died June 15, 1891, at the venerable age of ninety-one years.

Extracted 09 Apr 2018 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 466-471.

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