Biography - Anthony Gillespie

ANTHONY GILLESPIE. A country without a nation, a people without a flag, it is not surprising that so many of the warmhearted, sunny tempered, Celtic race should rally under the stars and stripes, and ally themselves to the American people as loyal and truehearted citizens of the land in which they are granted, not only freedom, but opportunity for exercising their native keenness and of rising to the positions in both civil and political life for which they are so eminently fitted. Our subject, who is a native of the Emerald Isle, and was early attracted to the United States by the superior advantages that it offered to industry and energy. He was born in County Mayo, Ireland, March 25, 1835.
Our subject grew to manhood in his native county and emigrated to the United States. His landing in New York was made May 5, 1857, and there he remained until the following spring, when he came to this county and was engaged at farm labor by the month for a period of four or five years. He then rented land in Rose Township, which he was engaged in cultivating thoroughly for some six years, after which he purchased a farm in Tower Hill Township, where he has since been a resident. The place of which he is the happy possessor, comprises two hundred and forty acres of good land upon which our subject has placed valuable and numerous improvements. He has erected good buildings on his farm, and has a very comfortable and attractive residence.
He of whom we write, was married in Shelbyville, this State, April 7, 1861, to Miss Anna Feeny, who is a countrywoman of his own, having been born in County Mayo, Ireland. Their life together has been very happy, as each endeavors to suit the other. Three children have grown up around them. They are John, William and Mary Ann. In his political preferences our subject affiliates with the Democratic party, and under this party he has been awarded several township offices, having held the important position of Highway Commissioner and School Trustee. Religiously he with his wife and family are adherents of the Catholic Church, and are among the most devoted and loyal members of that religious body. Our subject has always been engaged in farming and agricultural pursuits, and is well up in the progress and science of his calling.
The father of our subject was Patrick Gillespie. His mother was Ann Clark Gillespie. They were both natives of the county in which our subject was born and there they departed this life. They were the parents of six children, and of these Anthony was the youngest.

Extracted 07 Apr 2017 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 221-222.

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