Biography - Rosina Kull

MRS. ROSINA KULL, who resides on section 4, Rose Township, is one of the representative women of Shelby County, and was born in Germany June 20, 1833. Her maiden name was Rosina Walker and her marriage with the late Christian Kull took place in Fairfield County, Ohio. He was born in Lancaster, Ohio, January 13, 1832. Their first settlement as a married couple was made in Hocking County, that State, and there they continued to make their home until 1864.

During the year just mentioned this young couple removed to Shelly County, Ill., and settled upon a farm where the widow now resides. Here Mr. Kull was actively engaged in farming which he carries on successfully until his death which transpired October 8, 1881. Both he and his wife early became identified with the Lutheran Church, in which they were devoted and hearty workers.

Mrs. Kull is the mother of seven children: Magdalena who is the wife of William Wendling; Helen who married Henry Fossler and died in Nebraska, September 25, 1890; Mary; John, who married Miss Mary Bowman; Jacob F., who operates the farm and was married in Rose Township, February 12, 1890, to Miss Julia Pauschert who is the mother of one child — Rosa May; Mattie who is the wife of Augustus Pauschert and Drucilla.

The quiet and unostentatious lives of this worthy mother and her excellent children are of interest to all who understand that the best prosperity of the community, is derived from the homes within its borders which are not notable for public affairs, but in which is carried on an industrious and honorable existance tending to the preservation of society and the prosperity of the commonwealth.

Extracted 25 Apr 2020 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, page 672.

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