Biography - Arthur G. Lee

ARTHUR G. LEE. The name at the head of this sketch is that of a man who enjoys to the utmost, the confidence of the people in the community in which he lives. This is shown by the fact that from among the best financial men in the place, he has been elected to the responsible position of President of the Commercial State Bank of Windsor, Shelby County. Our subject was born in Oshawa, Ontario, July 7, 1865. He was reared on a farm until about fourteen years of age, and in the calm pursuits of agriculture the mental fibre of his mind developed. Unrestrained by fine-spun theories, he saw life as it was and this practical view and keen insight into affairs has ever characterized his business dealings and has carried him on to the success which he so eminently merits.

Arthur Lee received the foundation of his education in the common schools of his native place after which he attended the High School from which he was graduated. He then began life for himself and was employed for a period of two years with Steel Brothers & Company, merchants in Toronto, Canada, as clerk. In 1886, he came to the States, and resided in Chicago until July, 1889. He was employed as manager and had charge of the seed department for H. Sibley & Co. In July, 1889 he came to Windsor and organized the Commercial Bank, and November 14, of the same year it was re-organized as a Commercial State Bank, under the State law. On its first organization, he was Cashier of the bank and since its re-organization under the State law, he has been its President. Our subject's brother, Sidney J. Lee, holds the position of Cashier in the bank. The institution transacts a good banking business, and its one that was greatly needed in the community, now affording an opportunity for commercial exchange with much less trouble and expense than before its organization.

The parents of our subject are George and Lucy (Curry) Lee. They were born in Canada. The father died a victim of typhoid fever, October 9, 1882, in Ontario. He was a farmer by occupation but had retired from the active pursuits of his calling at the time of his decease. They had three children, of whom our subject was the eldest. Mr. Lee was married in Windsor June 9, 1890 to Miss Minnie Shaffer, who is a native of this county and they have a very pleasant home located on the principal residence street in Windsor. His charming young wife attracts the best social element of the place. They have one child, an infant son. Our subject, though yet less than thirty years of age; has won the entire confidence of the community by his devotion to his business, and his broad-laid and carefully-executed plans. He is a natural financier and has a peculiar faculty for seeing where investments can be made with the greatest prospects of large returns. In his political views, Mr. Lee favors the Democratic party. In his religious views he is a Liberal. Socially, he of whom we write is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and has been a member of the Odd Fellows since about 1886. He is one of the leading member's and occupies a prominent position.

It is not out of place to say something of the ancestors of our subject at this point The life of a good man who leaves an exemplary example is always worth reading. The paternal grandfather of our subject was George Lee. He was drowned in the Straits of Belle Isle, being caught there in a field of ice. He was not addicted to the use of any form of intoxicants or tobacco and was a Methodist minister. Our subject's maternal grandfather was James Curry, who was also a Methodist clergyman. He died at the age of eighty-five years.

Extracted 29 May 2017 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 272-273.

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