Biography - Joseph Lehn

JOSEPH LEHN. Organization is the watch-word of all modern movements, and it is constantly on the increase. For many years trades have affiliated and worked for the interest of each other and for the support of their rights. But the two extremes of labor, the agricultural class and the professional class have not joined hands in organizations looking to the up-building of their mutual interests. That day is passing by and we find in both these classes a desire to follow the popular trend. Farmers are now associating themselves under different organizations, and perhaps there is none of these which is stronger than the Farmers Mutual Benefit Association, with which Mr. Lehn is identified. This gentleman is a farmer and stock-raiser on section 18, Oconee Township, Shelby County, and was born in Roseheim, France, September 22, 1834.

The parents of our subject were Joseph and Teresa (Echert) Lehn. The father died in his native country when this son was a little child of only three years of age. The mother married again, taking as her second husband Martin Eck, with whom she was united in marriage in 1840. Joseph came to America with his mother, step-father, brothers and sisters in 1852. Of his father's children there were two sons and one daughter, namely: Louis, who is married and resides in Bond County, where he owns a magnificent farm of nearly two thousand acres and is very extensively engaged in raising horses and cattle; Mary, who is the widow of Anthony Fisher, (who died about ten years ago in this township) and who owns a farm of two hundred acres on section 18, Oconee Township, and our subject.

Joseph Lehn bought his fine farm of three hundred and eighty acres as long ago as 1886. One hundred acres of this is in Montgomery County, this State, and the remainder in Oconee Township. In his early youth he was trained to farm work, and he chose it as his life work and has been remarkably successful in its prosecution. He has recently erected a handsome and commodious home on section 18, and has finished and furnished it with great taste as well as comfort.

The marriage of our subject in 1868 brought to his home a bride in the person of Miss Katherine Kakers, who was born in Holland in 1845 and came to America with her parents while still quite young. To Mr. and Mrs. Lehn six beautiful children have been born, and they have the joy of seeing them all still in life and health and under the parental roof. They are named as follows — Frank. Maggie, Teresa, Louis, Katherine and Mary. All except the eldest are in attendance upon the public schools and are benefiting by the instruction received. They promise well to repay abundantly all the care and affection which has been lavished upon them.

Mr. Lehn was for a number of years after coming to America engaged in various avocations. For three years he worked in brickyards, and, afterward started in on his own account in brick making, and also took an interest in buying and selling stock. With his general farming he deals a good deal in cattle and hogs, raising them and occasionally buying and feeding for sale.

Mr. Lehn has always taken an active interest in political affairs and voted the Republican ticket steadily from 1856 until Grant's second election, at which time he voted the Democratic ticket. He is quite liberal in his political views and says he "votes for the man." All the members of his family belong to the Roman Catholic Church, and attend services at Pana. He is an honest and industrious citizen having the confidence and esteem of all who know him.

Extracted 10 Apr 2018 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 512-513.

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