Biography - William E. McCormick

PROF. WILLIAM E. McCORMICK. No resident of Tower Hill, Shelby County, has pursued a more honorable career or been of greater value as a citizen and public servant than the gentleman whose name introduces these paragraphs and who is well known throughout Shelby County. His life and character are well worthy of imitation by those who, like himself, must be the architects of their own fortunes and destinies to a great extent. His habits are unostentatious, his judgment impartial, his convictions strong and his benefactions, like his labors, constant and unremitting. In 1888 he was appointed Principal of the public schools of Tower Hill, since which time he has advanced the grade of scholarship, deepened the public interest in educational matters and brought the school to the front rank among the academies of learning in the county. Recently he has been invited to take charge of the school at Windsor in this county.

Prof. McCormick is of Irish parentage. His father, Edward McCormick, was born in County Galway, Ireland, of which county his mother, Jane (O'Brien) McCormick, was also a native. After their marriage in Ireland they emigrated to America during the latter part of the '50s, and coming directly to this State, settled on a farm near the village of Tower Hill, of which they have since been residents. They became the parents of four children, of whom our subject is the eldest. He was born in County Galway, Ireland, April 1, 1858, and was about three years of age when he was brought by his parents to this country. He grew to manhood in Tower Hill Township and received a good education in its graded schools. Later he became a student in the Central Normal College of Danville, Ind., where he fitted himself for the profession of a teacher.

Since 1877, when Prof. McCormlck taught his first school, he has been engaged in his chosen profession and has become well-known as a splendid disciplinarian and one thoroughly able to impart knowledge to others. He was married in Pana,Ill., September 13, 1883, to Miss Minnie R., daughter of Samuel Milliken. This estimable lady was born in Shelby County, Ill., June 1, 1860 and is a lady of recognized worth of character and kindly disposition. She and the Professor are both consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which he has been a Trustee. He has also served as Superintendent of the Sunday-school, and takes an active part in religious and benevolent work. In politics he is a Democrat and has served the township as Clerk and Assessor. He owns two hundred acres adjacent to the village of Tower Hill, a portion of which lies within the corporation.

Extracted 29 May 2017 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 283-284.

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