Biography - Daniel Moll

DAN1EL MOLL, of Moweaqua, one of the foremost stock dealers in this county, and an extensive land owner, is one of our substantial citizens who in the successful management of this business has added to the wealth of this section and has helped to establish its prosperity on a solid foundation. He was born in Bucks County Pa., which was also the native county of his father, who bore the same name as himself. His grandfather was likewise a Pennsylvanian by birth and was of German antecedents. He spent his last years at his occupation as a farmer in Bucks County.

The father of our subject was reared on a farm and always followed agricultural pursuits, spending his entire life in the county of his nativity. He married Margaret Hines, a native of that county, and a life-long resident of that section of Pennsylvania. She was the mother of fifteen children that grew to maturity.

Daniel Moll, of this biographical sketch, passed his life on his father's farm, and when he was eighteen early years of age his father gave him his time. He started out even with the world, his only capital being a clear brain, strong muscle, a courageous heart, and right principles, but these were worth more to him than money, and by their aid he has been more than ordinarily successful in acquiring wealth. He made his way to Ohio after he left the sheltering roof of his old home, and entered upon his career by working upon a farm by the month. He was so employed in the Buckeye State until 1853, when, thinking that he could do better in this State, he came to Shelby County with a team, and at first farmed as a renter. As soon as his means would admit, he bought forty acres of land in Pickaway Township, a half of which was under cultivation, and a log cabin adorned the place. Busy years followed his location there, but prosperity smiled upon his efforts, and he often judiciously invested his money in land, and at the present time has nine hundred fifty-eight acres of valuable real estate, divided into five finely improved farms.

Mr. Moll continued his residence on his homestead until May, 1890, when he came to Moweaqua and purchased the pleasant place where he now lives. He has for many years been actively engaged in buying and shipping live-stock, commencing in a moderate way, and gradually building up a large business, which he still continues, he being one of the shippers in the county, all his stock going to Chicago. He is one of our solid business men, keen foresight and unerring judgment, united with honorable and generous dealings, marking all his transactions.

He stands high in financial circles, and public-spirit is one of his characteristics, he being always willing to use his means and influence to advance all enterprises that will in any way benefit city or country. He has always given of his time to help in the management of civic affairs, and has done good service as Highway Commissioner and as a member of the District School Board. As to his politics, he is a firm and unswerving adherence to the Republican party. Both he and his good wife are people of earnest religious character and are faithful members of the United Brethren in Christ Church.

Mr. Moll has been exceedingly happy in his domestic relations, as by his marriage in November, 1853, with Miss Coraline Wolfe, he secured a wife who has ever been watchful of his interests, and has cheerfully co-operated with him in the upbuilding of their home. They have five children, namely: Mary E., who is the wife of Jesse O. Weakly, of Ridge Township; John, who married Miss Nelly Tolly, and lives in Pickaway Township; Clara A., the wife of Cyrus Weakly, of Pickaway Township; and William Henry, who lives at home with his parents.

Mrs. Moll is a native of Fairfield County, Ohio, and a daughter of Andrew and Susan (Stearns) Wolf. Her father, who is thought to have been a native of Pennsylvania, was a pioneer of Hawkin Township, Fairfield County, where he caried on his trade as a miller, and died at a ripe age in 1840. His wife, who was a Pennsylvanian by birth, spent her last years with a daughter in Carro County, Ind.

Extracted 17 Aug 2020 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 690-691.

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