Biography - John Moll

JOHN MOLL. The young gentleman whose history it is our pleasure to here chronicle, is a successful farmer and stock-raiser operating a place on section 20, of Pickaway Township. The tract comprises two hundred and forty acres of good land, which is so well managed as to be the admiration of all who have the opportunity of seeing it. Although a young man to have the care of so large a place he has controlled it for the past two years, having been engaged as a farmer in Flat Branch Township for the five years previous to his coming here.
Our subject was born on the farm which he now occupies, his natal day being February 27, 1862, and he is the fourth child in the parental family. His parents were Daniel and Caroline (Wolf) Moll, natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio, respectively, both of German ancestry. They were married in Ohio and at once came to Illinois, settling in Ridge Township about 1854. Later they came to Pickaway Township and purchased a small farm, a part of which is now covered by the old homestead. This was the nucleus of the handsome property that Mr. Moll subsequently acquired. The farm comprised nine hundred and forty acres, most of which is now highly improved. The dwelling is a large two-story brick house, of imposing style and well located, commanding a magnificent view of the surrounding country.
Six farm dwellings which make good homes for the tenants and workmen about the place have been built on the land. The place has been brought to its present high tone chiefly by the efforts of Mr. Moll Sr., who is now retired from a life of active engagement in agriculture to a beautiful home in Moweaqua, where he and his wife live in quiet retirement at the ages of three score years. They are active and well-known factors in Moweaqua where they hold a prominent social position. Their church relations are connected with those of the United Brethren Church, of which Mr. Moll is a member. They have five living children.
The original of our sketch was reared on the farm which he now occupies. He received the advantages of a good public school education and is well fitted for practical business life. He was married in this township May 4, 1884, to Miss Ida Bell Tolly, who, like himself, is a native of this township, where she was born September 8, 1867. Here she was reared and educated. She is the daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Tolly, who are now living at Moweaqua and are retired farmers. They are old settlers in the county and have been successful in a financial way. Mrs. Moll was well and carefully reared. She is a bright woman, having an unusual conversational talent, an attractive personality and charming manners. She is the proud mother of two children, in whose care and education she is deeply absorbed.
Mr. and Mrs. Moll are members of the old-school Baptist Church of Flat Branch Township. Our subject is a Republican in his politics as is his father. He is a member of the order of the Farmers' Mutual Benefit Association.

Extracted 08 Apr 2017 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 258-259.

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