Biography - Emanuel Oman

EMANUEL OMAN. The history of our subject is that of many farmers who have struggled to make themselves and families a home and social position in their chosen communities, hiding the little romances or tragedies that come to them as to others under a serene and impassive exterior. Not many of our farmers had the time or inclination to make verses to the field daisy, or the field mice, as did Burns, but there have been whole volumes of poetry unwritten, surging under the rough exterior of many a ploughman or many a harvester. They are songs unsung.

He of whom we write is a farmer residing on section 26, and also owning land in sections 22 and 25, of Ridge Township, Shelby County. He was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, January 15, 1847, being a son of Samuel and Mary (Martin) Oman. The family were early settlers in the county and State in which our subject was born, and Samuel Oman still resides on the place where he was born seventy-five years ago. Mrs. Oman died when our subject was but seven years of age. She left to her bereaved husband, six children, and one child had been called away before its mother. The six living children are William, Emanuel, Catherine, Isabel, Adam and John.

The father of Mr. Oman married a second time, his wife being Sarah Pontius. Three children were the fruit of this marriage. Their names are Josephus, Elizabeth and Elmer. Our subject was reared on the home farm and attended the country schools, where he learned the three R's, and such other branches as were considered essential at that time. He continued to reside in Ohio until 1869, when he came to Illinois, settling first in Pickaway Township where he purchased a farm of one hundred and sixty acres and on which he resided for eight years. He then came to Ridge Township and subsequently settled where he at present resides. He is now the owner of two hundred and forty-one acres of land which is well tilled and very productive.

The original of our sketch has been twice married. His first wife was Mary A. Reed, a daughter of William and Martha Reed. She was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, January 20, 1849, and came to Illinois where she died, December 16, 1869, leaving one child, whose name is William E. Their marriage was celebrated February 16, 1869.

In 1872, our subject was again married, his choice being Miss Viola Small, a daughter of Jacob Small. They are the parents of four children whose names are: Harley C., Clarence E., Cora B. and Luther J., all of whom are bright and intelligent and active members of society. Our subject has joined the army of Prohibitionists, believing that the issue of prohibition is more important than the tariff or any consideration that other parties may he concerned with. He has served in the capacity of Constable, and has also been a School Trustee for some time. Both our subject and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. They are held in the high estimation of their neighbors, being conscientious. Christian people and kindly and intelligent neighbors.

Extracted 17 Aug 2020 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 697-698.

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