Biography - Philip Roessler

PHILIP ROESSLER. The readers of this volume will be interested to pursue still farther the history of the Roessler family, one of the most prominent and respected circles of Rose Township, Shelby County. The representative whose name we give here is one of the most thorough-going fanners and intelligent and representative citizens of his section of the county. His parents are spoken of more at length in the history of his brother, Edward Roessler.

Six children gathered about the parental fireside and among these our subject was the youngest son and next to the youngest child. He was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, near Lancaster, July 7. 1837. Here he spent his boyhood days and came with his father to Shelly County in 1849, growing to maturity in Rose Township. He remained at home until he was married, and then settled upon the old home farm where he has since resided. His bride was Sarah E. Barringer, who was born in Montgomery County, Ill., in 1837. Their wedding took place in Rose Township, in October, 1860. This wife bore him two children, Stephen A. and Mary S., the daughter dying when fifteen years old, and the mother being called away in October, 1864.

The second marriage of our subject took place in Rose Township, February 22, 1870, his wife being Mary E. Gearhart, who was born in Pennsylvania. She became the mother of four children: Theodore J., Arthur H., Nellie M. and Emma F. Mrs. Mary E. Roessler died in September, 1878. His third wife was Florence M. Gearhart, who died in June, 1880. The lady who now presides so graciously over the household of Mr. Roessler, bore the maiden name of Mary M. Kull and was born in Shelby County. Five children have crowned this union, namely: Ralph E., Luther M., Charles A., Ira P. and William O.

Agricultural pursuits have always claimed the attention of Mr. Roessler and he is now the owner of two hundred acres of rich and fertile soil which bears upon it excellent improvements, and comfortable and commodious buildings. His neighbors have placed him in several offices of responsibility and trust. He has been Collector for four terms, Assessor for one term and School Director for several years, he has taken quite an active part in political affairs, is in sympathy with the Labor Union movement and a member of the Farmers' Mutual Benefit Association. His religious training and associations have led him to unite himself with the Lutheran Church in which his wife is also an active member. He has contributed liberally both to the support and building of the church, and is man of broad intelligence and one of the efficient promoters of all movements designed to forward the best interests of the community. His good wife bears a high reputation for housewifely skill and management and her hospitality and geniality make her a decided favorite in the social circles of Rose Township.

Extracted 05 Feb 2020 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 654-655.

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