Biography - Leander A Storm

LEANDER A. STORM. Less than thirty years have passed over the head of our subject and yet he has made himself a place and recognized position in commercial life, which speaks well for the inherent qualities that he possesses. There is nothing petty about Mr. Storm's methods of dealing, and we predict that the future will bring him opportunities which he will seize, and which will carry him on the highway to prosperity. Making his headquarters in Strasburg, Shelby County, he is constantly making excursions into whatever part of the State promises a fine return in the staples in which he deals — hay and grain, and thus he obtains not only a perfect acquaintance with his own line of business, but a broad intelligence of the general aspect and condition of the agricultural class in this State.
Leander Storm is a son of Harrison J. Storm. His mother was in her maiden days, Harriet Rankin. They were both natives of Shelby County and experienced the vicissitudes of pioneer life. For a further history of Mr. Storm Sr. see sketch of J. N. Storm in another part of this volume. Our subject was born in Ash Grove Township, Shelby County, this State May 15, 1863, and astrologers would doubtless tell us that his personal and business success and the peace which the country at large is at present enjoying, arise from one and the same cause, the conjunction of certain astral bodies at that momentous period in the history of the war.
The original of our sketch was reared to manhood in Ash Grove and Big Spring Township. He received his education in the common schools. When eighteen years of age, he left home and went to California and was there employed in different ways, he remained, however, in that State only about ten months and then returned to Big Spring Township, where he stayed until the completion of his twentieth year. He then was united in marriage to Miss Annie Cox, after which he settled in Big Spring Township, and was engaged in farming until the fall of 1888 when he came to Strasburg, where he has since been a resident.
Mr. Storm is now engaged in buying and shipping hay and has given his attention to this business since 1889. His marriage took place in Shelby Township. Two children have come to the young people. Raymond, who died in infancy, and a bright little one who is the joy and pride of her fond parents, and who bears the pretty child name, Flossie. In his political preference our subject is a Democrat. He is the owner of a farm of one hundred and twenty acres, that is very valuable land. He is an enterprising young business man who is sure to make his mark in the world.

Extracted 07 Apr 2017 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 199-200.

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