Biography - Noah Syfert

NOAH SYFERT. This gentleman is at the head of a large family of which he may well be proud, as the younger members show every mark of growing up into as useful members of society as the parents and older children proved themselves. The father of this gentleman, George Syfert, was born in Pennsylvania, and passed away from earth in Fairfield County, Ohio. He had the useful trade of a shoemaker but devoted himself mostly to agriculture. His worthy wife, who bore the maiden name of Mary Oberly, was a native of Pennsylvania, who also died in Fairfield County, Ohio. This place was also the native county of our subject, who was born November 13, 1823, being one of a family of ten children.

After being reared to manhood young Syfert resided for a number of years in his native home and then removed to Allen County, the same state and lived there for thirteen years, before coming to Shelby County, Ill. Here he made his home in Ridge Township, in January, 1867, and has been a permanent resident. His marriage had taken place in Ohio, August 2, 1849, his bride being Catherine Friesner, who was born in Fairfield County, September 12, 1831. This day was the beginning of a long life of domestic happiness and prosperity, and this union brought to the happy couple fifteen children; John W. married Emma Askins; Franklin P. took to wife Anna Shumaker; Eliza A. is tins wife of Edward McDonald; William B. married Elizabeth Yantis; Andrew J. was married to Emma Stivison; Sarah A. is the wife of William Fritz of whom our reader will find a sketch in this book; Lodema E. is the wife of John Turner; Catherine R. became the wife of Newton Lupton; Lillie B. is unmarried; Lon C. married George Padgett and the remaining children are Ida R., Edward M. and Oliver S. Two little ones, George H. and Emma J. died in infancy.

Agricultural pursuits have absorbed the time and attention of Mr. Syfert, and in them he has achieved success, he has erected good buildings upon his farm and is the owner of one hundred and fifty-six acres. He has served educational interests as a member of the School Board and is an earnest and conscientious member of the society known as the Church of God. In political matters, he is untrammeled by parties, and casts his vote for men and measures which are upheld by his own judgment.

Extracted 29 May 2017 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 264-267.

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