Biography - William Vogel

WILLIAM VOGEL. The substantial farmers of Shelby County are a class to whom all minded citizens feel that they owe a debt for their share in effecting the prosperity which makes this county so popular as a place of residence and business. Were their work subtracted from the records of the county, little would remain to show its value. Such an one is our subject, who resides on section 12, Prairie Township, and who has been a citizen of this county from the spring of 1862, being one of the first to settle on the prairie, he had purchased eighty acres of prairie land and forty acres of timber land, the previous year, and made his home upon them in the spring, since which time he has devoted himself unceasingly and indefatigably to the work of forcing the rich soil to give forth its wealth.

William Vogle was born in the Kingdom of Prussia, Germany, July 22, 1831, and is a son of Charles Vogel. Two brothers and two sisters of our subject are in the United States, namely: Fred, who resides in Holland Township; Herman, whose home is in Wisconsin; Augusta; and Minnie, the wife of August Wilke. Our subject is the first one of the family to come to the United States, as he crossed the ocean in 1867, and first made his settlement in Cook County, this State, where he worked as a farm hand until he decided to come farther South and devote himself to the culture of the soil in Shelby County. Three hundred and sixty acres of rich and arable soil now constitutes the farm which he has transformed from a wild prairie to a well cultivated estate, and upon which he has placed beautiful buildings.

The marriage in 1862 of William Vogel and Elizabeth Lutz, united a couple who were destined to have a happy and harmonious life together. The lady, like her husband, was born in Germany, but had been in this country for a number of years. To them have been born four children, namely: August W., Harmon C. F., Albert H. and Ida. These children are becoming what their parents would have them be, honorable and worthy citizens of the Prairie State, which has become to them a dearly loved home.

American politics have proved a subject of interest to Mr. Vogel, and he has informed himself intelligently in regard to them, although he does not feel bound to govern his vote by the dictates of any party organization. In regard to local matters he casts his ballot for the man and the measures which seem to his judgment conducive to the peace and prosperity of the commonwealth, but upon national issues he usually votes the Republican ticket. Both he and his efficient and excellent wife are earnest and active members of the Lutheran Church, in which they were brought up. Stock farming has largely engaged the attention of our subject, and he has been successful in its prosecution, as any one must be in Illinois, if he understands this branch of agriculture, and devotes himself to it with assiduity. The worthy lives of Mr. and Mrs. Vogel and their family area standing reproach to all who complain of hard times and poverty which they have incurred by their own lack of principle and a disregard of the industrious application of their time and strength.

Extracted 11 Jan 2018 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 320-321.

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