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HON. CHARLES VORIS. The town of Windsor, Shelby County, is conspicuous for the number of young men that take a leading part in commercial life. It is comparatively a young town and fresh, vigorous young blood sustains its interests, and the moderation of middle age receives the reverence that is due it. Our subject is one of the men of more advanced years, who holds the important position of Postmaster in the town of Windsor. He was born in Summit County, Ohio, March, 21, 1838, where his early life was spent on a farm. When about eighteen years of age, he left home to take a position in life for himself. At this period, the most sanguine time of youth, all things seemed possible to him, and the golden possibilities seemed just beyond his reach, lying waiting for him to stretch out his hand in their direction.

Mr. Voris' first venture was in Galesburg, Knox County, this State, but there he only spent about six months, and then worked for a while on a farm. Minnesota was next in the way of his perigrinations, and there he lived about six months, when he returned to Galesburg, residing there a short time. He next went to Taylor County, Iowa, and there was engaged in opening up a farm. To this he devoted three years, and in February, 1860, he came to Windsor and engaged in the grain and lumber business, and in connection with this, in 1862, he opened a dry-goods store. He continued in the lumber business about two years; while engaged in this line, carrying a very good stock, his mercantile business was conducted under the best auspices. He continued in the grain trade for fourteen years, and during that time he also was engaged in the banking business with J. D. Bruce, with whom he was also in company in his other lines of commercial life. The firm was known as Bruce, Voris & Co. They dissolved partnership in 1873 and since that time Mr. Voris has been engaged in the real-estate business and in farming. He has always been an active agent in the affairs of town and county.

He of whom we write was elected to the General Assembly in 1866, re-elected in 1868, and in 1870, received the honor of election to the Senate from the Seventh District, and in 1872 was again returned from the Thirty-first District. During this term he was Chairman of the special committee on stock-yards, and acted on other important committees. During his services as Senator, he did efficient work in gaining advantages for his district, he served on the Railroad and Penitentiary Committees, and on Corporations, he was also a member of the committee on the rules that should govern the Senate.

Mr. Voris has served in various local offices, and for some time has been a member of the City Board. His appointment as Postmaster was confirmed in July, 1889. It is hardly necessary to say that he has taken an active interest in political affairs as he had been so identified with the Government of the State. He is an ardent advocate of the principles of the Republican party. He has been solicited by the Central Republican Committee to assist in the present campaign in Ohio.

He of whom we write obtained the charter for the Bloomington and Ohio River Railroad, now known as the Wabash, running from Bement to Effingham, and of this road he was the first President. For ten years he was engaged in the milling business in Windsor, and during that length of time, the reputation that he had previously built up as a business man of sterling integrity and unquestioned honor, was confirmed. His products were always of the best character, and his dealings with all parties was characterized by an uprightness and sense of honor that could only redound to his favor.

Mr. Voris' marriage took place in Shelby County, his nuptials being celebrated November 6, 1860. His bride was Miss Mary Jane Templeton, who was a native of the county in which she was married. Only two children were born of this union: Annette and Julia, the latter deceased.

Our subject, on his mother's side, has a complete family record comprising over eleven thousand names from the landing of the "Mayflower" to 1874; and over seven thousand names on his father's side, from 1638 to 1883.

Extracted 11 Jan 2018 by Norma Hass from 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties Illinois, pages 323-324.

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