Mexican-American War

Records of the Services of Illinois Soldiers in the Black Hawk War, 1831-32, and in the Mexican War, 1846-8 by Isaac H. Elliot (pub. 1882), was compiled by volunteers for the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park into this database. This is a database of almost 5,600 Illinois men who enlisted as volunteers for the Mexican War (1846-1848). The place of enlistment is listed by city, not county. The troops would organize and then travel to a designated city to be enlisted. Illinois in the Mexican War is available for search at ILGenWeb.

Place of Enlistment: Shelbyville
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Extracted 14 Nov 2016 by Norma Hass from Illinois State Archives website.

Pension Record
Affidavit for a Mexican War Widow's Pension, Amanda Wheat, Wife of Levi Wheat, Shelby County, Illinois
State of Illinois, Shelby County
On this 4th day of May A.D. 1888, Personally appeared before me A. F. Allen Clerk of the County Court of said county the same being a Court of Record, within and for the County and State aforesaid Amanda Wheat, aged 59 years, a resident of Holland Township, Shelby County, Illinois who being duly sworn according to law declared that she is the widow of Levi Wheat who served as a Private in Company B, commanded by Captain James Freeman in the Third Illinois Regiment of Infantry Volunteers Commanded by Col. Ferris Foreman in the war with Mexico that her said husband, Enlisted in said Company and Regiment at Alton, Illinois about June 21st, 1846, and was afterwards discharged at New Orleans about May 23, 1847 and continued in said service for about Eleven (11) months until he was discharged. She further states that she was married to said Levi Wheat on the 5th day of October A.D. 1848 in the County of Shelby and State of Illinois, by one A. E. Douthit a J.P. in and said County and State and duly authorized to solemnize marriage as by a certified copy of said marriage certificate herewith attached and marked exhibit "A" and that this declarant maiden name was Amanda Green and that she has not remarried since the death of said Soldier. She further declared that she was 59 years of age on the 16th day of Feb. 1888, but that she is not owner of much if any property and is dependent upon and needs the benefit of being placed on the Pension rolls for her support -. that her said husband died in Shelby County Holland Township on the 8th day of Feb. A.D. 1869 and she claimant her being a resident of said Shelby County Illinois and since here intermarriage with said soldier to*-* since Oct. 5th 1848 and also since his discharge from the army and that was his residence from the date of his discharge from the army in 1847, to the date of his death aforesaid She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Pension to which she may be entitled under the provisions of *---* congress granting Pensions to the widows of Mexican War Soldiers and hereby constitutes and appoints with full Power of substitution and re-------* William Chew of Shelbyville, Illinois her true and lawful attorney to Prosecute her claim and she further declares She has heretofore made no application for Pension and that her residence is Holland Township Illinois and her Post Office Address is Shelbyville, Shelby County Illinois.
A. F. Allen
her Amanda X Wheat mark
Also personally appeared, John Welton aged 63 years and A. E. Douthit aged 73 years both residing in Shelby County. Post Office address is Shelbyville, Ill. persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me duly sworn say they have known the said Amanda Wheat for 50 years, and that they were present and saw her make her mark, to the foregoing declaration that they have every reason to believe from the appearance of said claimant and her acquaintance with her that she is the identified person she represents herself to be, and they say that they are able to identify her as the person who was the wife of the identical Levi Wheat who rendered service as alleged in the Company B, 3rd Regiment of Ill. Infantry in the war with Mexico by the following facts and circumstances so wit have lived neighbors to said claimant for 40 years, and knew her husband Levi Wheat in his lifetime and knew him to be the identical Person so served in Said Co and Reg. and that they have no interest in the Presentation of this claim.
A. E. Douthit x (Signatures) John Welton x
Sworn and subscribed before me this 4th day of May AD, 1888 and I hereby certify that contents of the above declaration were fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing and that I have no interest direct or indirect in the presentation of this claim.
A. F. Allen x[ ] Clerk of the Count Court[ L.S.][ ]
Last Pension Document, Mexican War, 3-1081
Pensioner Dropped
United States Pension Agency, Chicago, Illinois,
August 25, 1909
Certificate No. 5133
Class "WIDOWS" Pensioner: Amanda Wheat
Soldier: Levi Services: B 3 Ill

The Commissioner of Pensions

SIR: I have the honor to report that the above named pensioner who was last paid at $ 12, to 4 January, 1909 has been dropped because of Death, January 24, 1909.
Very respectfully, Charles Bent, United States Pension Agent

Contributed by John J Evans

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